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The best way to get your preferred provisions in a one-off order. Choose from:

Energy bar multipacks

8 single flavour, 16 single flavour or 16 mixed (all four flavours or 'no mint' option)

Nut Butter multipacks

8 single flavour, 16 single flavour or 16 mixed (all four flavours or 'no peanut' option)


Get multipacks as a super flexible subscription
Choose your combination of multipack and delivery frequency to build an energy supply that's exactly suited to you. Delivered to your desk or door so you're never without.

Delivery frequencies
14 days, 30 days, 60 days or 90 days

Once you subscribe, you can change your combination as often as you like - 

we'll email you 3 days before your subscription payment is due to check you're happy with it. You can also easily skip an instalment, change delivery dates and addresses or cancel whenever you want.


Our free delivery threshold is £30, so if your subscription is under that, you might want to look at doubling but reducing your frequency; that way you get the same provisions but in less packaging, plus you won't pay for postage.

Dave, Cherry Bakewell and Bara Brith fan: Dave has decided these two are his fav. He gets an 8 pack of Cherry Bakewell and an 8 pack of Bara Brith every 30 days. Dave gets free delivery and only the bars he likes. Nice one Dave.

Variety Val, likes a mix: Val wants a bit of everything to keep her energy up. She goes for a mixed 16 pack of bars and a mixed 16 pack of nut butter's every 60 days. She's going to Wales in June, so adds an extra 8 pack of Bara Brith just for that month, clever Val.

Mo, nut butter nutter: Mo is training for an ultra marathon and eats a lot of nut butter. He likes the coffee one best though, so gets a 16 pack of that and an 8 pack of the date and sea salt one, every 30 days. He skips it for the month after the race whilst he eats pies and nothing comes out of his account.

Clear as mud? Good stuff. Email us or use the live chat if you've any questions.